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Kalevala Dancebox



Comment by Robert Steijn

Vienna Poetry School

Why do we dance, why are we married, why do we want to know what time it is. Can we identify with the other, who presents himself to us, for a camera in the box? Yes I can identify with the concentration of his lips, the controlling position of his eyes, the preciseness and internal pleasure of his movements, the naughty shoes.
And now the answers, if possible:
this man dances because his mind enjoys being a dancer, enjoys being in a position to seduce the others, to seduce the space, back and forth, sideways, with the curves of his body.
Why do we want to marry? Because we are strong? And like to support another person in his or her life?
This man looks strong enough to me.
And now the watch. Timing is so goddamn important, it tells something about how someone deals with his life. This man, in this one minute shows himself as a man who wants to make the best of his life, by making.
By making the things which he likes.
Is it difficult in one minute to reserve space for the listening to the resonance of what you do? Or is his dance more about his phantasy that about listening what is already there in the space.
Warning: an empty box is never empty


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